Pantham Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Release Date : 05 Jul 2018
Cast :Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada
Director :K Chakravarthy

Gopichand and Mehreen Pirzada are playing the main lead roles in this movie.

Pantham movie marks Gopichand’s 25th movie in the industry.

Story: A dynamic and a brave young man is on a perpetual mission to help others and see everyone around him happy & content. He never backtracks or thinks hard to fight for a right cause. Situations like these get him trapped in a certain case which lands him in jail.

How does the hero get out of the complicated situation forms the rest of the plot. The movie thread runs more on the Robinhood line.

Review: Gopichand is the major highlight of the movie as he steals the show with a stellar performance. Eliminations of certain clichés would have made Pantham an even better watch for the audience. Watch it if you are a fan of mass commercial flicks.


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